This group is lead by myself, Nex Terren, and starts at 5:00 PM CST on Friday nights. We started back in late October of 09, and have played fairly consistently since then, taking breaks for the Christmas Holidays, and for the GM’s finals. Currently we use Maptool v1.3 b61, but are in the process to move over to Fantasy Grounds 2. Canadian Pirate helps out with some technical set up, including being the go-to for if players need help leveling up, or creating new characters.

Primarily, Friday is story-centered, and currently I’m trying to shift the focus over to the Player Characters by making the characters more truly a part of the story. We also have more puzzles than Saturday’s group. My sessions have been criticized for having difficult battles, so I’m in the process of attempting to re-balancing things while still keeping combat exciting.

As far as characters and players we have an interesting mix. From a gameplay perspective, we’re fairly well balanced with perhaps the exception of controllers, and depending on one solid leader. From a character perspective we have a mix of faces, personalities, and histories.

Gordreg, Liana, and Tatlin have held on to their character since the very first encounter, managing the dependable, strong, if naive minotaur fighter Ghorrd, the confident, compassionate, and a bit mischievous human cleric Cleo, and the wise, quiet, and reserved eladrin wizard Erendar (who does not, in fact, have a beard). These three make up the core of our group in more ways than one.

Canadian Pirate is on his fourth character, going through a once warlord named Iados, an elven archer, and his more iconic, and story-critical character of Ferth. Currently he’s playing a proud, reserved, and intimidating dragonborn sorcerer by the name of Harann.

Rounding out the group are three girls, Sol (“SummerRayn”) who plays Rubetta, a gnome who can be described as both a bardic thief and a lover of history, Rachel who plays a fran’miri human warden by the name of Vira, and Naomi (“BriarRose”) who plays a changeling thief.


See Friday Storyline for a complete storyline

Still shaken by the run-in with the seeming ghost of the great general White Shield and the shadowfell thief, Black Shadow, the group is making its way across the goblin-infested forest called Madine’s Wood, escorting a merchant. The kingdom of old and her legends aren’t about to leave them alone, as they try to survive the goblin invasion…



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