A place wrapped in mystery and the scarce legend, the Shadowfell is known by few, and even by them considered mostly myth. Even partakers of its strange arts debate if the Shadowfell is a place, or simply an energy source. Some claim it is the world of the afterlife, others the divine realm of the Raven Queen, and others yet say it is a region beyond the borders of the known world, too far for the sun to shine.

Some cloaked killers have traded a portion of their mortal being for a innate connection to this dark mystery, including the mythical Black Shadow.


A group of adventures traveled to what seemed to be the Shadowfell when they were passing by Tower Rock in the Treaty Lands. The world was void of color, save strange, massive red crystals. People of this strange place were found by the adventurers. One group looked human, except with dark hair, ashen skin, and small builds. The other claimed subtle bronze colored skin, small builds, and the ability to be heard in speech without opening their mouths. A large spider-like creature was also spotted, and several fairly normal looking hounds. While the second group of people (numbering two) could be understood by the group, the first could not be.


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