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Madisya: The Friday and Saturday DnD Group

Welcome to our Wiki! Players are encouraged to write or expand upon entries for it, but please seek pre-approval from either of our DMs, Nex Terren or Tatlin. If you’re interested on how the entries will be graded, please refer to our grading guide, but please note that if you don’t enjoy writing the entries in-and-of-themselves, the XP will likely not be enough to satisfy you. Meta-game information will not receive XP, but is welcomed to be submitted.

If you’re wondering what articles you might write up, take a look at the Suggested Articles, although you are by no means limited to these.

This wiki covers not only in-game information, but also meta-game information, such as entries about the players. Bellow are some links to get you started on browsing the wiki.

The World of Madisya

The Games of Madisya


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