History spanning across Madisya can be broken into roughly four known periods: the Ancient Age, the Age of Ruin, the Age of Dawn, and the Modern Age. “The Years of Before” is accepted by some as a fifth period, predating the Ancient Age.

“The Year of Madisya” is accepted as the start of most calendars, beginning at the fall of the Great Kingdom. The name of this starting point is based on tradition rather than reason; no one really knows where this term comes from, although its accepted etymology is that the name “Madisya” came about for the Known World after the fall of the Great Kingdom.

The Years of Before (? – ? Before the Year of Madisya)

Virtually nothing is known about this period. Some historians argue that this period didn’t in fact exist, Creation taking place and forming the Great Kingdom. Others argue that religious texts hint at there being at least several thousand years before the Great Kingdom. Some say this period was savage and without rule, others that it was ruled by dragons who enslaved the populace. The only widely accepted tales that fit into this period are creation myths, and even those disagree more often than they agree.

The Ancient Age (? – 0 Year of Madisya)

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The Ancient Age is the period in which the Great Kingdom reigned. Very little is known about this period, except a few historic figures are known to have existed, including (Although not limited to) the Ruler of the Great Kingdom, the hero-general White Shield, the nefarious Black Shadow, or the honorable Griphammer. A string of tales and the odd artifact are where the knowledge of this age exist. This great ruling body is so wrapped in mystery, that no one even knows what its downfall was, despite the fact that society and (some of) its populace endured after it.

The Age of Ruin (0 – 158 Year of Madisya)

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The Age of Ruin earned it’s name many times over. It was characterized by chaos, the deterioration of culture, mass wars, lynchings, and overall a crumbling society. Thought demonic by nearly everyone, everything relating to the Great Kingdom was destroyed, and anyone who tried to preserve its memory were killed. Racism ran rampant, holy wars were one of the only consistent factors, and mobs served to act as one of the most powerful forces of political and social change.

Over the course of this century-and-a-half dark age, society’s fear and hate slowly began to exhaust itself. At the end of this period, many of the major modern nations began to form. It is said that at the end of the bloodshed, for every ten men that lived in the Great Kingdom, only one now lived in Madisya.

The art of magic and higher learning both had taken terrible hits with the initial fall of the Great Kingdom, but they would be all but lost during the following years of this age. Both would slowly regain their footing, although the arcane arts would prove to have the head start.

The end of this age is accepted as the crushing of the Fran’Moon Wheat Uprisings, and restoring of the social order of Fran’Min

The Age of Dawn (158 – 384 Year of Madisya)

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This age saw the general, slow growth of society. Although many of the issues of the Age of Ruin still plagued the landscape, they lacked both the great frequency and intensity that Madisya had known before. Over the first hundred years of this period, the culture would continue to calm down, and afterwards the normal stability of this period was much akin to that of the Modern Age.

It was during this time that the Great Sea began to be a strong path of trade; it had always been the fastest way to move goods across the Known World, but until roughly this point (and since the fall of the Great Kingdom) international trade had been typically limited to regions, making sea trade both unnecessary and rare.

The Modern Age (384 – 455 Year of Madiysa)

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The start of the Great War was considered the start of the Modern Age. This ten year war was the single greatest conflict that Mydisya saw dating back over 200 years prior to the heat of the Age of Ruin. This ten year conflict shaped the face of northern Mydisya drastically, revolutionized seacrafts, and gave Ventoria the power she enjoys today to name but a few of its long-reaching effects.

The sixty years Since then, Madisya has been in a state of relative peace and growth.

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