Grading Guide

Articles will be graded on quality using the following grading scheme. Both Tatlin and Nex Terren will review the entry, and grade it accordingly. Their scores will be anonymously averaged, and the final score (an open ended score), will be given to the player. The player may distribute the points earned to either of their characters, which will then be turned into XP based on the party’s average level.

The points graded on will be (in approximate order of importance):

  • Overall Quality
  • Clarity
  • Importance
  • Correctness (or the degree it does not require DM editing/is based on established facts)
  • Thoroughness
  • Detail

Also, Word Count will be brought into the calculation. Thus, if a article is twice the length, and the increased length in no way affects the quality, twice as many points will be given. Likewise, if made half the length (and the quality of the article does not change), you will receive half the points. Be forewarned, however, if an increased length manages to make it Unclear, or lowers the Overall Quality, it would be better off shorter.

Just make it however long it long it needs to be to say what it needs to.

While the exact system of the scoring will not be given out, feel free to direct any questions on what the DMs expect to either Tatlin or Nex Terren. Understand we won’t pre-score things, or preview your articles.

Grading Guide

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