Belle Adventures
Enter: Vira and Harann, plus goblins!

Day 1 – The Appearance of Harann

With storm clouds looming on the horizon, the group entered the town of Belle after a day of adventure. First though, Rubetta needed to outsmart Old Rellin, who demanded a hefty toll at the town’s entrance. Mary Brimwine soon put a stop to that, however, after learning what he was doing.

Belle was clearly a small place, mostly comprised of farmers and small-time merchants. The party eventually made their way towards the tavern that Harann and Vira were staying in. After eating and drinking a little bit, the party struck up conversation with various people. Rubetta chatted briefly with Harann, when he explained the nature of his travels—information about the Cult of the Dragon. Rubetta then told the story of Jackdaw and Bahamut to the crowd. During the story, Furie managed to steal Harann’s money. After much argument, Furie was caught, and she gave the coins back. A man named Terran later appeared, and the group recounted the story of White Shield, Black Shadow, and Jophiela. They then went to various shops throughout the town.

Day 2 – The Mystery of Regol Wideeyes

They slept in the inn and arose to continue their various errands. Along the way, another gnome woman entered the tavern. After speaking with Rosey, it was learned that the gnome was connected with slave trading. By now, the rain was coming down heavily. Vira overheard an offhand comment about Harann, and upon asking around, she met up with him once again.

Meanwhile, the other gnome (learned to be Regol Wideeyes) entered the area once again, and Rubetta was able to speak with her. Soon after, it is apparent other slave traders are in town. They beckoned Regol over. A woman named Ioana could also be heard shouting in a strange language. While Rubetta tries finding her again, Harann and Vira investigated. They spotted several traders and slaves behind the tavern. Unfortunately, while they debated about what to do (with so small a party number) the group left. After a short investigation of the building, Vira spotted a map of Springdale. It was plain this was where the group was headed. Vira and Harann became determined to follow this lead.

Day 3 – Under Attack!

Another day passed. An obnoxious merchant with his crew meet the group. After explaining that the crew needed more guards while traveling through the dangerous woods, Ghorrd agreed to sign on with the job. He, along with Cleo, went out to find Vira and Harann, who then agreed to join the party along to Springdale. They returned to the tavern to confirm with Arthion, the righthand man of the dwarf merchant. Harann also recalled important information about the Treaty Lands (see the link for the recalled information).

Throughout the day, the group asked various people around the town to draw out more details for a makeshift map of the woods. Suddenly, Mary Brimwine ran up to the group and shouted that goblins were attacking Belle’s east gate. They group rushed over to one gate while instructing Erendar to watch the other gate and shoot a missile into the sky in the event of more trouble. While the group fought, they failed to detect any such signal. As the battle almost ended, some became concerned anyway and decided to check on Erendar. Upon reaching the town’s other end, they realized another wave HAD attacked, so they quickly brought aid to Erendar (and James And Arthion, who had joined in). The entire battle eventually ended in their favor. Harann found a note on one of the dead enemies, which read:

“Attack the town of ”/campaign/madisya/wikis/belle/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Belle. You may take what you wish, but leave any merchants, their guards, and most of their goods alone. Leave also any bards or nobles alive. Do not kill all of the towns people; leave survivors! We will not pay you if word doesn’t spread of your doings. Keep this in mind, as well as the gold we promise."

When Vira examined the note, she realized the ink was made from an extract of a shrub found in Fran’Min. Meanwhile, Rubetta, Furie, Ghorrd, and Cleo decided to briefly visit the local shrine and pay tribute. As they entered, Rubetta observed shoes outside, but no one INSIDE. As they moved about inside the shrine, Rubetta felt two screams echo in her head. After the initial bewilderment, she decided it was best to let it go.

Day 4 – Strange Dreams

The group eventually came together once more to sleep in the inn for the night. But some members of the group had very strange dreams…or nightmares.

  • Rubetta’s recount: “I was sitting on a log playing a lute… well, there were two versions. One, I kept playing, and singing, and this woman tried to play with me. But I played a different song, and the woman started coughing. And she died, and I didn’t mind somehow. I just kept playing and laughing. Then in another version of the same dream, I played her tune, and we walked away together. And then… Then from behind us, Furie shot her. And then… somebody shot me… "
  • Cleo’s recount: “I was in a busy place, something like a marketplace. I couldn’t stop staring at these seashells, and then a man, he looked like a knight… a king really, with brilliant blonde hair, and he was calling me Patra, saving me from a beast… and I didn’t correct him on my name.”
  • Ghorrd’s recount: “Mine was.. pretty clear. The black shadow went and killed my mother, and my Chieftain… least, I THINK it was him. He wore his cloak and carried his sword, at least… ..but I don’t know if the face was his. I knew the face, from somewhere… "
  • Furie’s recount: “I dreamt that I was walking down the lane with a woman, and we saw you and an old man sitting on a log. Then in one version the women kept trying to play a tune on her lute and getting it wrong and I… I killed her. Then in another, I showed her how to play the tune and she came to you to show you, then you killed her.”

During these recounts, Vira and Harann were inside the second tavern. While Vira gathered more information about the map, Harann met with a mysterious person, presumably a member of the order. They held a brief conversation, and Harann returned to her, deep in thought.

Later, the group reconvened and debated which route to take. Eventually they resolved to decide fully once they traveled deeper into the woods. After speaking with the merchant (who assigned roles), they left Belle with the intention of heading to Springdale.


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