Volkard II

The aging, ruling Emperor of Fran'Min


At a Yong Age The aging king of Fran’Min, he took over command of his nation from his father, Hildebrand, during the already quickly progressing Great War. Quickly he gained the reputation as the “Warrior Prince” due to his charismatic and strategical leading of the armies of Fran’Min even at his young age. He was, however, noted for his inability to manage the political forces of Fran’Min during the war, and it has been said that the “War ran the king, not the king the war.”

He was one of the key figures responsible for ending the war with a peace treaty.

He maintained hold of his throne, and ruled publicly for the next twenty years. During this time, he made great efforts to regain the crown’s lost political command of the empire. Also, during this time he married twice, once to Korlin Mavekees, and once to Rosamunde from the same house. Both wives died in their first childbirth, and neither child survived. He never remarried after Rosamunde.

Nearing the end of this period, without explanation Volkard began to retreat into isolation, and this retreat from society only grew, until the man was more of a myth than a person. From isolation he would continue to rule until the modern day, Fran’Min remaining in peace.

Volkard II

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