Quarion Aramil Starcrown

Quarion is a Sun Eladrin Summer Lord, a professor of the Institute of High Magic, and skilled at military strategy and tactics.


Race: Sun Eladrin

Class: Tactical Warlord (“Lazy Warlord”)

Level: 5

Ability Scores:

  • Strength: 8
  • Constitution: 10
  • Dexterity: 12
  • Intelligence: 19
  • Wisdom: 12
  • Charisma: 19

Skills trained:

  • Arcana: 18
  • Diplomacy: 11
  • History: 13
  • Insight: 8
  • Military: 11
  • Nobility: 11

Powers used:


  • Commander’s Strike
  • Direct the Strike
  • Mage Hand
  • Prestidigitation


  • Arcane Mutterings
  • Fey Step
  • Inspiring Word
  • Powerful Warning
  • Provocative Order
  • Use Vulnerability


  • Destructive Surprise
  • Stand the Fallen


  • Useful Lore


  • Armour Proficiency: Ring Mail
  • Improved Initiative
  • Skill Power

Equipment and Items:

  • Adventurer’s Kit
  • Healer’s Brooch +1
  • Hedge Wizard’s Gloves
  • Reading Spectacles
  • Runic Hide Armour +1
  • Standard Identification Papers
  • 4 Talent Shards
  • Tome Implement
  • Wand of Fear +1

Custom Items:

  • Eladrin Book of Infinite Pages
  • Eladrin Item of Service (Silver Coin)
  • Eladrin Messenger Bag
  • Eladrin Pen of Infinite Ink
  • Eladrin Tool of Navigation
  • The Seer’s Orb


  • Scholar


  • Eladrin – Noble Birth
  • Martial – Scion of a Legend
  • Society – Wealthy
  • Occupation – Scholar
  • Recent Life – Explorer of the Ancient
  • Recent Life – Peaceful Life


  • Common
  • Elven
  • Draconic
  • Dwarven

Personality and Goals

Quarion’s Music

Quarion is a polite Eladrin, doing his best to maintain social etiquette when interacting with other people. He shares some of the cool arrogance and detachment of the Eladrin, but attempts to keep it in check while outside Liradeth where it’s less acceptable. Quarion is not as ruthless as some of his kin, attempting to find peaceful resolutions with fair outcomes. However, if Quarion does find himself without peaceful options, he will use his extensive military knowledge to bring whatever battle to a close as quickly as possible, with limited casualties if possible.

Quarion himself prefers study in a quiet room rather than adventure, but will still jump at the chance if said adventure presents him with a goal he finds intriguing or appeals to his value system. Quarion does not believe in letting history slip by him, and will take an active role if the opportunity presents itself.

In academic matters, Quarion finds himself most curious, especially on matters of the planes or military strategy and tactics. If he finds a book on such material, he generally makes it a priority to read it. This is especially true with planar lore, seeing as how there is little to be found in Madisya.

His goals as of the present moment are to gather support for his mayorality campaign, getting the Heroes of Springdale together to combat the forces of the goblins and interrupt whatever plans the Ward Masters and Draco may be planning.

Birth and Life up to Current Events

Quarion was born to Pracis and Althaea Starcrown, 60 years ago in the 395th Year of Madisya, in the Lireadethian capital city of Senaliesse; a mere year after the quelling of the Drow Uprisings in the latter part of the Great War. He was born into a privileged culture, that of an Eladrin high noble family; one of the Summer Lords of the Summer Court State in Liradeth, and wanted for nothing as he grew up. However, his father, being a military man, was keen on discipline, and Quarion was kept as a bright and polite boy during that period. He showed the usual aptitude for magic, as any normal Eladrin would, and decided to explore it further as he grew up, becoming increasingly interested in planar studies.

Unfortunately, Quarion did have to deal with his father’s expectations as he grew up. Pracis wanted Quarion to join up up with the Eladrin military as he had. Quarion however did not show any aptitude with physical fighting or offensive magic, failing spectacularly at both when attempting them. He did, however, show remarkable talent for military strategy and tactics, and went on to study them as well.

Pracis Starcrown

His father was disappointed, but gradually accepted it, at least in part. Still this did create a rift between father and son, one which still haven’t been fully healed, even many years later. As time went on, Quarion and his father had other disagreements, driving open the rift further. The principle one was the manner of the Eladrin’s Manifest Destiny. While Pracis believe that the Eladrin must go out and subjugate the peoples of Madisya with military force, Quarion preferred diplomacy and patient empire building under a unified code. To this end Quarion did begin writing this code, what he called The Enlightened Doctrine of Madiysa and it’s People, or The Enlightened Doctrine for short. Yet the codex as of the current year is incomplete, although Quarion does intend to finish it.

In contrast, Quarion’s relationship with his mother was much warmer. His mother; quite skilled herself in matters of diplomacy and state, taught Quarion everything she knew, including one particular trick of using magic to enhance his charisma for a short while. Through this, Quarion was able to handle himself well in the Eladrin High Court of State, the Court of Stars, and was fairly popular, gaining a few allies here and there.

Quarion himself wasn’t too fond of the High Court though, even if he found himself grinning and bearing it. The politics felt a bit too ruthless; the Eladrin nobles too eager to fight amongst themselves. Quarion felt and still feels that the Eladrin people should be above such practices. Still, Quarion learned quickly how to turn such aggression to his own ends and found success as a mediator.

Quarion had one other family member whom he had a close relationship with, his grandfather, then only known as the Seer. The Seer was a recluse, an old Eladrin living out his last days in an ancient tower. He was once the headmaster of the Institute, but due to the events of the Drow Uprisings and afterward, he retired. Unfortunately, during these events, he was blinded by a Drow, and his magical process was greatly stunted, except in one area, divination. The Seer could still see the Arcane magic around him, and with the loss of his natural sight, gained the ability to see bits of the future, both in a general sense and of those around him. He took up the name of Seer, and discarded his original name and title.

He didn’t care much for his son Pracis after the events of the Drow Uprisings; but found he had a certain fondness for Quarion as he grew up. Quarion’s love of the academic was instilled him in by the Seer, and the Seer taught Quarion a great deal of things regarding the Arcane before Quarion left for the Institute. The relationship grew past that, to the point where the Seer finally entrusted one of his most sacred artifacts to Quarion, what was called a Seer’s Orb. Through it, Quarion and the Seer could communicate from anywhere on Madisya.


When Quarion turned 20 and enrolled himself into the Institute of High Magic, he was given his first (and as of current events, only) attendant, a Drow woman named Myrcella. As was the usual practice, she was gifted to Quarion by his mother in a somewhat elaborate ceremony. Quarion felt vaguely uncomfortable about the practice at the time, but accepted it anyway, resolving to treat Myrcella as well as he could.

As they lived together, Quarion and Myrcella eventually found they had strong feelings for each other, eventually entering into a relationship. However, they could not marry, as Eladrin law forbid it, and even such a relationship was considered taboo, although not illegal. Thus, Quarion was forced to keep it as quiet as he could, although there were a few rumours that did appear from time to time.

Myrcella herself is a fairly intelligent Drow woman, but of course hampered by the indoctrination. She is quite fond of the arts, and Quarion makes sure to give her a few gifts of paintings, musical instruments, and the like. She is quite adept at music, her preference being singing. (You can hear a song of her singing here, kind of: Myrcella’s song) She had a great interest in the ancient Elven tongue, used before the rise of the Great Kingdom, now only remembered in a few songs that have survived.

In the Institute, he resolved himself to his studies, when he wasn’t socializing in court. The planes in particular fascinated him, what little information there was to glean. Most of the Eladrin findings were of the Feywild and to a more limited extent the Shadowfell, and Quarion gained as much knowledge as he could of the places. What lay beyond that was much more mysterious, and most of the knowledge of the upper and lower planes was thought to be lost during the fall of the Great Kingdom.

Thusly Quarion had a sort of interest in the Great Kingdom as well, at least in the Arcane power it once wielded. He shared this interest with most Eladrin, who desired more Arcane power and knowledge as a matter of course. A few times during his studies he even made a few expeditions to Great Kingdom ruins, attempting to find more knowledge or artifacts, especially anything concerning the planes.

Quarion also expressed an interest in the Great Kingdom’s military strategies and tactics, as well the more modern versions that the various nations employed. What few scraps of Great Kingdom lore on the subject Quarion found fascinating, as their tactics were much different from any modern variation. As was to be expected, however, Quarion’s preference was for the Eladrin way of battle, using the Arcane in an intricate and offensive fashion on the battlefield. A line of mounted Eladrin Mage Knights folding space and teleporting into the flank or rear of an enemy ranked among his favourite tactics.

Berien Gavnus

Quarion made some friends at school, mainly through networking to increase his own status within the various Eladrin circles and beyond. One friend in particular he was close with was Berien Gavnus. They shared an interest in the planes, and often went out on expeditions together. Through their combined efforts, even a few breakthroughs were made in the study of the planes.

Life continued on as normal for Quarion, and he graduated from the Institute with Honours after ten years of study, at the age of 30. Immediately, after, he applied to become a professor of the school, and was quickly accepted. He continued his studies, now teaching younger Eladrin and other races everything he had learned. This continued without incidents for 28 years, until Quarion and his father finally came to a head on a particular issue.

Pracis himself had been planning an military incursion into Igalagiir for some time, and the effort was gaining popularity in the High Court. After the discovery of the armour of the Golden General, Pracis decided it was time for the Eladrin to return to dominance, naming himself the Golden General Returned.

Quarion, however, did not agree with this incursion, saying it was a mistake to repeat what had happened to the Drow nearly 60 years ago. Most Eladrin did not share his sentiments however, and Quarion began to lose favour in the High Court. Eventually, he and his father came to verbal blows about the issue, and Quarion was nearly banished from his family.

However his mother stepped in, not wanting her only son to be banished from the family over the matter. Instead, she suggested that Quarion take a trip to see the world and gain some perspective, and come back in a few decades after things had calmed down.

Quarion at first had no intention of leaving Liradeth, but he eventually realized that he could not stay. Gathering his belongs and receiving a few gifts from various friends and friends of the family, along with a modest amount of funds and a line of credit, he set out into the world, taking Myrcella along with him.

Quarion decided that he wanted to get as far away as possible from Liradeth, and so he chartered a ship to Karana. Along the way, it made several stops at the various islands dotting the Great Sea. Quarion had quite a bit of knowledge of the world itself outside of Liradeth, but no experience, so the stops were quite insightful.

Dr. Liandar

Arriving in Karana, Quarion soon set out looking for any expeditions into the desert; looking for anything that might involve excavating relics or ruins of the Great Kingdom. He eventually found one expedition, led by a Dr. Liandar, who was attempting to locate an old fortress that was said to have existed in the region. Quarion was quickly added onto the expedition once he expressed interest due to his background, and set up with the Doctor and his assistants, along with a few bodyguards. Quarion also brought Myrcella along, feeling that a simple expedition would be perfectly safe, and not wanting to leave her in a foreign city.

After a few weeks of traveling the desert and investigating various towns and cities along the way, the group finally managed to find the site, buried in sand. The group quickly set to work, finally managing to reveal an entrance. It was a large stone door covered in runes; very much worn from time, with only a few of the runes still legible. With the combined work of Liandar and Quarion, they managed to decipher and open the door, although they never made it inside.

They opened the door around midevening, just in time to find themselves being raided by Dragonborn looking for treasure. Liandar and his group were tragically killed in the attack, but the Dragonborn spared Quarion and Myrcella, their rational at the time being that Quarion and his attendant looked strange and might be worth capturing. Quarion and Myrcella were of course both captured easily, neither having any combat experience.

They were dragged off to the Dragonborn’s camp, and imprisoned near the leader of the raiders, as a trophy of sorts for the raiders and visitors of the camp could look at. During this time, Quarion spent his time listening to the Dragonborn speak, and learned he had a natural talent with language, picking up on the Draconic language being spoken very quickly. Using his newfound ability, he managed to persuade the leader to accept some of his advice on a raid, with a little help from the arcane trick his mother had taught him.

Thanks to Quarion’s assistance, the raid was a bigger success than normal, and Quarion gained a little standing with the Dragonborn. This continued for a few months, Quarion gaining more of the trust of the Dragonborn leader with his knowledge of military tactics and strategy. During these months, the raiding band moved westward, towards the looming mountains of Kilgrin’s Colony in the south.

However, due to the nomadic and mobile nature of the roaming Dragonborn bands in the Karana Desert, there were often many territorial disputes between various bands. As such, as they move westward, the band Quarion was traveling with inadvertently entered into the current territory of another band. This situation came to a head in the foothills of the mountains in the west, with both the rival bands attacking Quarion’s band in the night.

Taking advantage of the chaos and the confusion, Quarion managed to gather some supplies, along with the still handsome bit of coin he had taken with him from Liradeth, and escaped with Myrcella, continuing westward into the mountains and onward to Kilgrin’s Colony. The dwarves of course were wary about an Eladrin and Drow refugee attempting to enter their colony, but they held more animosity for humans at that point, and Quarion’s gold was good, giving him access.

Quarion himself had grown sick of the south, and resolved to travel back north, although not to Liradeth, but the Treaty Lands. However, he dragged his feet a bit in the Colony, somewhat intrigued by the few libraries that were there, and also keen to test out his ability with another language. Although he did not find the success with Dwarven that he had with Draconic, he did pick up on some of it, and was on the verge of gaining competency when he chartered another ship north.

The ship meandered its way up and north through the middle of the Great Sea, again making regular stops at islands along the way, several of which Quarion had visited previously. Finally, it weighed anchor off the coast of the Treaty Lands, in a small fishing town. Quarion investigated the town, asking around for where he could find a city at a crossroads of sort, thinking he might look into a large city for any more clues as to the Great Kingdom. Everyone pointed him in the direction of Springdale, to the north.

After two years of wandering Madisya, Quarion came upon the citystate of Springdale. Finding the place comfortably modern, Quarion changed his plans, resolving to settle down in the city for a long term. Using the last of the funds along with the line of credit his family had given him for the trip, he purchased a small home in the Sorcelleri Ward, or the Mage’s District. He began the process of making himself and Myrcella a citizen of Springdale, and he also applied for a spot in the Medicatus School of Higher Arcane Studies there, quickly being snapped up as a professor, thanks to his 28 years of tenured service with the Institute of High Magic.

Quarion also began to explore the various social networks across Springdale, creating a few contacts and friends here and there. He mostly stayed within the academic circles, although he did attend a few political functions as well. His status as an Eladrin noble did carry some weight in the city, and Quarion made full use of it.


Quarion further decided to seek out another companion, a dog. He had had several during his time in Liradeth and decided, since he was settling down, he would adopt another. He found a local animal shelter and picked out a small Corgi pup, calling him Elyses; which was a name meaning bright or of fair colour in the Elvish tongue, due to the colour of his coat.

Quarion had been teaching at the school for a few months, mainly on the planes, but he also ran a class that focused on magic as used in combat. Due to this second class, Quarion was approached by a man calling himself William Herrasmies, who asked if Quarion would act as his head of security for a three day long ball he had been planning. The pay was good and it seemed like a good exercise in skills he hadn’t used in a while, so he accepted.

Quarion Aramil Starcrown

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