Journey to Springdale

The death of Harann and new party members

“Kelephstar” Emerges

As Harann and Kevian left Fort Brakenwood, they came across the same group of slavers from before. A transaction appeared to have taken place—a young man purchased the same slave girl from earlier. Harann decided to move ahead. He then spotted a fight already taking place between guards and some goblins. He immediately entered the fray. Kevian, meanwhile, interacted with the new found man and former slave.

The others eventually met with Kevian and the two others. They attempted to befriend the slave girl and unlock her from the chains. Upon speaking with the man some more, it became clearer and clearer he was no ordinary traveler. They learned he could not remember what his identity was. He said he vaguely might have recognized Vira from somewhere. Vira decided to give him the temporary name of “Gregory” after her war-hero uncle.

They soon became concerned over the whereabouts of Harann. As they moved north in the forest, they stumbled upon a crowd of goblins. Among them (though they did not know it at the time), Harann was dead from battling too many of them.

After the battle, the group discovered Harann’s body further to the north. They quickly agreed to carry him to Springdale in the hope of finding a suitable temple there. As they discussed this, a new man appeared on the scene—David Pliskin, a sniper. He quickly made it apparent that he worked for the Fran’min miltary. Vira was surprised by this, and decided to keep an eye on him. He agreed to travel with the group into the city.



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