A world broken, a world lost, a world of shadows…

Once, long ago, there was a world before Madisya.

Once, long ago, a darkened hand didn’t rest so strongly on the land.

Once, long ago, all was not forgotten, and the Light was not named Shadow.

And then once, not so long ago, our tale begins.

Welcome to Madisya, a two-group campaign of rediscovery, twisted truths, deep history, and troublesome times. Set in a world of fractured unity, Madisya claims many races as her sons and daughters, and many more nations and kingdoms as her homes. Through it all, one common tie is the social decay, petty squabbles, ignorance, racism, and division that were once but faint bothers, but now plague the Known World. It is a dark time for the world, and has been for several hundred years. Now, however, a world nearly forgotten is beginning to awaken, and things are beginning to change.

The world is broken, the world is lost, the world is in shadows…

...But perhaps not forever.


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